About Kusun Study Tour

We have been conducting these amazing tours since 1998, and the Kusun study tours have been growing and evolving since. Since 1998 over 600 students have participated in our annual tour (with some returning 2-3 times).

We have also had many others join us for specially designed courses for cultural groups and schools, smaller groups and private tuition. We have had participants from all over the globe with the common passion to explore this most amazing and generous culture.

In the language of the Ga people from Ghana, West Africa, the word “Kusun” means “tradition.” As the world changes, cultures from around the globe learn from each other and share what they each have to offer. The Kusun Ensemble was founded by Nii Tettey Tetteh to bring the traditions of African life to the world through music and dance. We have chosen to operate these tours on a local level where the immediate beneficiaries are the people of Nungua, the community that Tettey and his family live in.

The aim of these tours is to establish and operate a cultural Centre which would employ dancers, drummers, drum makers and artisans on a permanent basis as well as educating and training local kids in cultural pursuits, especially since unemployment is chronic and no social security services exist. The establishment of the Kusun Cultural Centre, where we live, is one major step is getting closer to this vision.

We have put together a program that will introduce you to the great cultural diversity that is Ghana, and, hopefully, you will enjoy and participate in some amazing music, drumming dancing…. High Priest Numo

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